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Farm Auto, Truck, and Tractor Insurance

Vehicles used on a farm are the same as those used by private individuals or businesses. For this reason, the insurance coverage needed is essentially the same as these other entities. Private passenger vehicles and light trucks may be insured on a personal auto policy so long as they are titled in the individual’s name. Vehicles that are titled in a business or farm name must be insured on a commercial auto policy regardless of their use.

FAQ: How can Farm Trucks be licensed and used?

  1. Regular DOT license gives full unrestricted use.
  2. Farm License or “Farm Tags” restricts the truck to use on the farm or between farms. Traveling to a place of business for the purpose of transacting commerce solely for the owner’s farming operation is permissible. There is no mileage restriction.
  3. Unlicensed Farm Truck (ULFT), commonly called a “sticker truck,” restricts the truck in hours of the day it can be used and the radius of miles driven from the farm.

The regular “DOT licensed” truck and the “Farm licensed” truck are insured on standard vehicle insurance policies. The ULFT may be insured on a Farmowner Policy and the coverage carries some restrictions!