Privacy Policy

Because we value you as a customer and we take your personal privacy seriously, we have established the following privacy and confidentiality policy: We do not sell customer information.

  • We do not sell your information to any party.
  • We do not provide customer information to persons or organizations that are doing business on our behalf for their own marketing purposes.
  • We expect any person or organization providing products or services to customers on our behalf to protect the confidentiality of your customer information.
  • We emphasize the importance of protecting your personal information and that customer information is to be handled in strict confidence to our employees and associates and limit employee access only to information they need to provide service(s) to you.
  • We maintain physical, electronic, and organizational safeguards to protect customer information. We continually review our policies and practices and test the strength of our security in order to help us ensure the safety of customer information.

What kind of personal information do we have and how do we obtain it?

We collect and use information we believe is necessary to administer our business, to advise you about our products and services, and to provide you with customer service. We may collect and maintain several types of customer information needed for these purposes. The following are examples of the types of information we may collect and how this information is obtained:

  • From you, (on applications for our insurance products, or on other forms, through telephone or in-person interviews), such as your address, telephone number, and employment.
  • From your transactions with us, such as your payment history, underwriting, and claim documents.
  • From other companies, such as your driving record and claims history.
  • From consumer reporting agencies, such as your credit history

How is this information used?

We use customer information to underwrite your policies, process your claims, ensure proper billing, service your account, and to ensure we offer you the best price and products for your needs.

With whom is this information shared?

We may use customer information to enhance our service to you, to underwrite your policies, to measure your interest in our products and services, to improve existing products and develop new ones, and to monitor customer needs.

We may also disclose customer information about you to persons or organizations outside our company as needed to conduct our business and as permitted or required by law, for example:

  • Persons or organizations that provide insurance products to us, on your behalf, such as insurance companies and brokers.
  • Independent claims adjusters, appraisers, medical care institutions, medical professionals, attorneys and similar parties in order to investigate, defend or settle your claims.
  • Organizations that collect information for the purpose of detecting and preventing insurance fraud.
  • Insurance regulatory agencies, such as the various state Insurance Departments.
  • Law enforcement or other governmental authorities.
  • Lessors, lien-holders, mortgagees or other entities that have a legal or insurable interest in your policy.
  • Automobile dealers, real estate agents, banks or other parties assisting you with financial transactions. We will endeavor to contact you to insure the validity of such requests.
  • Other insurance companies, insurance agents or consumer reporting agencies in connection with your insurance application, policy or claim.

How do we safeguard the confidentiality of information about you?

Information relating to our customers has always been considered confidential within our company. Our employees understand that customer information is to be handled in strict confidence and that they are held responsible for the internal security of confidential information. We maintain physical, electronic, and organizational safeguards to protect customer information.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policies please submit them to:

Jacob H. Ruhl, Inc.
d/b/a Ruhl Insurance
26-28 Market Square
Manheim, PA 17545