Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage to Your Home?

All of us think about our homes and how it impacts our responsibilities as it relates to the occupancy and ownership of the property. In today’s world, with everything that impacts our homes, it is important and valuable to know what may be happening in the house, in the yard, and on the street or road where we live. How are events and circumstances around homes treated from an insurance standpoint? Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your home? We will look at several options.

1. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Utility Issues?

Typically, there can be at least three different utilities that service the dwelling. These include water, sewer lines, and electric. If any of these fail to operate, you may have a claim on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Municipal or Commercial Utility Services on the “Residence Premises”

The failure would include any portion of pipe, wire, conduit, cable, or related equipment that are located on the residence premises, outside of a building, and below the surface of the ground; which connects, directly or indirectly, a building or structure on the “residence premises” to the source for municipal or commercial utility service.

These could include, but are not limited to, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, steam lines, electric transmission lines, or communication transmission lines. These systems are very common in a city and town environment.

Fuel Tanks, Septic Systems, and Well Systems Often Do Not Apply

Tanks and lines that do not apply would be liquid fuel tanks or liquid fuel systems, septic tanks or septic systems, and water well or well systems. Coverage for these items falls under other endorsements on your homeowner’s insurance. Your insurance policy DEC page should list any endorsements, perils covered, exclusions, added coverage options, etc. for your specific policy.

2. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer and Water Backup?

A second circumstance is that of sewer and water backup. This refers to the event in the dwelling. It is not referring to an event caused by external flooding. As an example, it could be a malfunction of toilets, showers, tubs, or sink drains overflowing or not draining properly.

When situations such as these take place, a call to the insurance carrier is appropriate. If you have an endorsement for backup of sewer and drain lines and sump pump failure, your homeowner’s insurance should cover it per your plan details. Adding these endorsements is one step to building a better homeowner’s insurance policy.

3. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Appliances?

The third type of event is that of “equipment breakdown”. This can be anything related to different utility items in the dwelling. It includes furnaces, air conditioners, dishwashers, stoves, laundry items, and potentially other items.

With the many utilities that you may have in the house, if there is a failure of the piece of equipment, it may be covered by the “equipment breakdown” coverage in the policy. Equipment breakdown, or boiler and machinery coverage, is one of the insurance coverages all hotel owners should have, and it applies to homeowners as well.

4. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Off-Premises Motorized Vehicles?

The fourth area to consider is that of off-premises motorized vehicles of varying sizes. There are many different sizes of units designed for all ages and sizes of drivers. You can see toddlers of all types going down the sidewalk.

Teenagers and adults are riding electric bikes long distances from home. ATVs, RTVs, and all types of off-road utility and recreational vehicles are hauled to locations for fun and entertainment. It is very critical to make sure there is proper registration and protection in all situations.

5. Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Flood Damage?

The last type of event is a flood situation. This is referring to a flood that is the result of heavy weather events. Usually, it refers to high water that flows into dwellings and buildings from a storm situation. From an insurance perspective, there is a difference when it comes to flood vs water damage and what is insured.

When flood damage is the case, standard insurance policies do not respond with coverage. A separate policy, called a “flood policy” or flood insurance, is what is needed. This is a unique federal policy that is very specific.

Make Sure Your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy Offers Full Coverage

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your home? What about attractive nuisance and homeowners insurance? It depends on your policy and your coverage. These five areas address specific areas where you may need protection as it relates to your property. It may vary as they relate to your specific situation.

What is important is that the insurance protection addresses these circumstances. Including the right add-ons and endorsements can help choose a homeowner’s insurance policy that gives you full coverage and protection.

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Disclaimer: Information and claims presented in this content are meant for informative, illustrative purposes and should not be considered legally binding.