Insurance for Vehicles on the Farm

Many farmers and agricultural enterprises have multiple vehicles and various uses for their vehicles. Ownership and registration for the vehicles vary and at times it may become confusing how the autos can and must be insured. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to insurance for vehicles on the farm, licensed or unlicensed.

2 Main Types of Vehicles on the Farm

Let’s identify the multiple types of cars and trucks found on the farm. Although there are a few types of farm truck insurance policies available, the right one depends on the vehicle, uses, size, etc.

1. Vehicles for Personal and Light Use

First, we would have those cars and light trucks that would be classified as personal and light use. These would be your SUV, minivan, or pickup truck to name a few. You would use these vehicles for your personal use such as going to the grocery store, traveling to church, taking a vacation, or visiting friends. It would also involve driving to school or to the job.

They would be most likely insured on a personal auto policy and there would be no limitation on how the units could be used. You may have a pickup truck with a primary use on the farm or even driven 5 days a week to an off-farm job.

Many individuals that are not farmers use a pickup as their primary personal vehicle. The size of the pickup can be any unit from one-half ton to one ton, and many insurance companies will insure these on a personal auto policy.

2. Farm Vehicles

Other types of vehicles on the farm are what may be referred to as “farm vehicles”. These would primarily involve trucks of all sizes and shapes. You may find them licensed and insured in different ways.

They would include anything from a simple pickup to the 80, 000 GVW 18-wheeler pulling the hopper bottom trailer, a flatbed, a box trailer, a dump trailer, or even a liquid manure tanker. These units may be licensed as a regular commercial vehicle, a farm truck, or just as an unlicensed farm truck.

The insurance on these units would need to be provided through a commercial insurance policy. This is dictated by the size of the unit, GVW, or how the unit is registered with the Department of Transportation.

In most cases, any unit with a registered GVW of over 14,000 would need to be insured on a commercial insurance policy. Also, any unit, regardless of size, registered in a business name as opposed to an individual name would need to be covered through a commercial auto policy.

How Many Vehicles Can I Have on One Policy?

A question that arises at times is “how many vehicles can I have on one policy?” This may vary by the insurance company and also the type of vehicle.

Many companies do not have a limit as to the number of vehicles per policy and then there are others that may limit it to four. If there is a limitation it usually will be on a personal auto policy.

Can I Have Two Commercial Farm Vehicles on an Auto Policy?

On the commercial side, the number of units is unlimited. It may be a policy for only one unit, or it could be a policy for dozens of units up to one hundred or more. If possible, keep it to the least number of policies required to insure all of your units instead of multiple policies for each.

The fewer the number of policies you have the more helpful and easier it can be to keep the inventory of vehicles and continuity of coverage consistent throughout your operation.

Important Considerations for Auto Insurance Coverage and Premium

Perhaps the most important conversation to have is in regard to the following topics:

    1. In whose name is my vehicle titled?
    2. How is the vehicle licensed? Regular or farm license, or Unlicensed Farm Truck (ULFT) permit?
    3. How is the vehicle being used?
    4. What is the Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of the vehicle?
    5. Is the vehicle being used to do any “hauling or trucking for hire?”

Work With Ruhl to Get the Right Auto Insurance for Vehicles on the Farm

All of these considerations impact the insurance coverage, options for customizing car insurance, and the premium. This conversation is important to have with your agent as you expand your operation and increase your motor vehicle fleet on the farm.

You may call our knowledgeable staff here at Ruhl Insurance to have your questions answered and also, explore insurance options for your business. We may be reached at 800-537-6880 or 717-665-2283, or by email at

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