Annuities: A Better Option For Your Financial Future

Certificates of Deposit (CD) and Annuities can be an important aspect in the diversification of a personal financial plan. They provide a stable investment vehicle that will accumulate interest. While there are other types of investments that provide a more aggressive approach, and these products should be incorporated into a viable financial planning portfolio as well, both CD’s and Annuities can provide a solid base from which to build when it comes to your investments and long-term financial outlook.

Financial Planning is Another Aspect of Personal “Insurance”

Investors must weigh a lot of options when deciding how they will make their money work for them and the amount of risk they are comfortable assuming. Protecting your physical assets and financial investment into property is a big component to ensuring the stability of you and your family’s future.

Life insurance products help to protect your loved ones’ financial futures if something happens to an earner in the family. Likewise, financial planning should be looked at as yet another aspect of your personal “insurance” in that it provides stability and ensures that your investment assets grow in a way that will sustain you through your retirement years.

Annuities Are Offering Better Interest Rates

At the time of this writing, many investors are looking more and more towards annuities, and more so than CDs.

Certificates of Deposit are currently paying extremely low rates of interest. In order to receive a greater return, monies must often be tied up in a longer-term CD.

Early withdraws can result in penalties that negate the investment potential of the product. On the other hand, many annuity products are currently paying up to a 3% interest rate, and in some cases, more.

Annuity Products Are Also Available in Various Term Lengths

Annuity products, like CDs, are available in various term lengths. Annuity products, such as those we offer through NSS Life, are available in 3, 5, and 8-year term lengths.

This provides individuals with flexibility in their investment choices when they wish to receive a higher rate of return than a CD typically provides, without having their money tied up for as long of a duration.

These annuities pay a current and competitive rate of interest, with a minimum interest rate guaranteed throughout the length of the contract. Interest accumulates within the investment on a tax-deferred basis.

The Initial Contribution is Manageable

Many annuities require a manageable initial contribution while allowing additional contributions to be made over the course of the term.

As is the case with the NNS Life annuities mentioned above, a $1,000 minimum initial contribution is all that is required, and additional contributions do not affect the surrender charge period during the life of the annuity term.

In addition, 10% of the account balance can be withdrawn each year without penalty. This provides greater financial flexibility and allows the investor to utilize the growth in their investment as it accumulates if they wish.

Annuities are a great and secure option when you are seeking to diversify your financial portfolio. Just as it’s helpful to consult your insurance agent when comparing different insurance quotes, it’s also helpful when you are comparing investment options and making decisions about your financial portfolio. Give us a call at 1-800-537-6880 or 717-665-2283 to discuss all of the investment options available to help you plan for a bright and secure future.

Disclaimer: Information and claims presented in this content are meant for informative, illustrative purposes and should not be considered legally binding.