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Health Insurance

From health, life, and disability, we have a custom insurance plan tailored for you.

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Health Insurance

Your health is perhaps one of your most valuable assets. Just as you protect your other assets such as your home or your car, protecting your health is also an important priority. Health Insurance provides the finances to pay for the maintenance and treatment of health issues.

There are generally three ways to provide this financial backing. First, you may work for an employer who provides health insurance for its employees through a Group Health Plan. You may have to contribute a certain portion of money toward the cost. Second, if you are self employed or your employer does not provide a plan, then you may choose to purchase an Individual Major Medical Plan. These plans vary by deductibles, co-pays, covered procedures and prescriptions. Third, you may choose to pay-as-you-go. In other words, as the need arises you cover the expense out of your savings or cash flow. In a catastrophic circumstance this can be financially devastating.

Ruhl Insurance, with their excellent support team, can help you decipher your options and evaluate which plan matches your needs

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