Farm Shows of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania has a long and full history of agricultural production. It is a state with various areas of production from all types of livestock and a large variety of agriculture items involving foods, animal products, construction items, and the list continues. Each year, in the month of January, there are two significant shows that take place and highlight the ag world in Pennsylvania. Here is a brief overview of the biggest farm shows of Pennsylvania:

1. Pennsylvania State Farm Show

First, let us look at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show.

This History of the PA State Farm Show

This event started in 1917 as an official state-wide Farm Show. Before that, starting back to the days of William Penn, there were various “agricultural shows” in various locations throughout the state. But, in 1917, it became the official State Farm Show in Harrisburg.

1931 was the first year the PA State Farm Show was held at the current location on Cameron Street and the first building was the Main Exhibition facility. Since then, there have been many additions and renovations done to keep the facility productive.

Main Attractions at the PA State Farm Show

There are several reasons that the PA State Farm Show is so popular. Between the displays, events, and food, there are tons of things to see, explore, and try.

1. Animal Exhibits

One of the popular displays at the State Farm Show is the various species of animals. There are smaller entries of poultry and rabbits. From there, the animal entries cover sheep, goats, hogs, beef animals, and dairy animals. These classes highlight the breeding stock of each breed as well as the stock that shows the quality of those animals raised as food sources.

There are two main groups of exhibitors with these animals. The first is the youth classes that highlight the FFA and 4H clubs. These provide a tremendous opportunity for youth to learn and experience animal husbandry, ag economics, and marketing skills in the ag world. Second, there are the “livestock breeders” who exhibit their prize animals to establish a reputation for the premier quality they have available in the marketplace for broodstock.

2. Crop and Produce Exhibits

There is a large display of the crops and produce that are grown in the state of Pennsylvania. This is another opportunity for the farmers of PA to “boast and brag” about their success. To go along with the crops and produce are the displays of various pieces of equipment that are needed to produce the millions of tons of product that not only provide food for the people of PA but also for the population of the world. It is a great opportunity for the public to experience how their food is produced on the farm and then marketed to them in the supermarket or roadside produce stand.

3. Food Vendors and Food Products

Other prime displays and activities are the many food vendors selling delicious food products all grown and produced in PA. This includes french fries, roast beef sandwiches, the famous farm show milkshakes, potato donuts, breaded vegetables, honey products, and the list goes on.

4. Equine Events

There are also several equine events; the first being the draft horse show for the placing of the horses for confirmation. Then, there is the driving competition on single hitches on up to a 6-horse hitch. The state youth rodeo is a very popular event and the horse and pony pulling is great fun to watch.

2. Keystone Farm Show

Now, let’s look at the Keystone Farm ShowKeystone Farm Show.

The History of the Keystone Farm Show

This event has been taking place for 26 years. It is usually held the first week of January and can be the same week as the PA State Farm Show. It is held at the York Fair Grounds in York, PA. Each year it is three days long and falls on a Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the week.

“The Farm Show for Farmers”

What you will find at this show varies greatly from the PA State Farm Show. It is advertised as “The Farm Show for Farmers”. This is because it displays millions of dollars of farm equipment and machinery. There are vendors selling nutritional products for all types of animals and livestock. You will find businesses that build all types of buildings for dairy, hog, poultry, equine, and more.

This show is organized to give the attendees the chance to explore markets and sources to improve their facilities, either old or new, and gather information for new construction incorporating the latest methods of animal or crop production. You will also find opportunities to discuss other needs such as fuel, pesticides and herbicides, insurance for the farm and agri-business operations, and other needs for the current operation.

PA State Farm Show vs Keystone Farm Show

As you compare these two very unique and valuable events, each one is designed for a specific clientele. The PA State Farm Show is designed more for the general public. It accomplishes that with an attendance of over 500,000 people.

The Keystone Farm Show is geared toward the active farmer/producer. In those three days, around 10,000 people will review the latest and greatest equipment and methods for agriculture meeting the needs of the current population. Each show is valuable and educational. Find time to experience both and you will be much more informed and educated about all things related to agriculture in Pennsylvania.

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